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Cahal Pech Maya Ruins

Rolsons Hotel - Cahal Pech San Ignacio

Cahal Pech is a Maya site located in the Town of San Ignacio in the Cayo District of Belize. The site was a palacio home for an elite Maya family, and though most major construction dates to the Classic period, evidence of continuous habitation has been dated back as far as 900 BC, making Cahal Pech one of the oldest recognizably Maya sites in Western Belize. The site is a collection of 34 structures, with the tallest being about 25 meters in height. The site was abandoned in the 9th century AD for unknown reasons. The name Cahal Pech, meaning “place of ticks”, was given when this site was a pasture during the first archaeological studies in the 1950s. It is now an archaeological park, and houses a small museum with artifacts from various ongoing excavations.




Xunantunich Maya RuinsRolsons Hotel - Xunantunich Tour


The name translates to “Maiden of the Rock,” and it was the first Maya site in Belize to be opened to the public. The ruins at Xunantunich were discovered again in the late 1800s. Visitors can take the steep, but short, climb to the top of El Castillo. From the top of the temple you will be able to see over the jungle canopy, and as far as Guatemala, which is only a few miles away.




Caracol Archaeological Reserve

Rolsons Cayo Hotel - caracol Mayan Ruin in Belize

all the awesome Belize Maya sites, Caracol would have to be one of the top in terms of importance and grandeur. This once great Maya city-state from the Maya Classic era is one of thecountry’s largest archaeological sites, and it also boasts the tallest man-made structure in the land. El Caracol means “the snail”, and its not entirely clear as to this why this appellation was applied.


Tikal Archaeological ReserveRolsons Cayo Hotel - Tikal Tours in Guatemala

Tikal is one of the largest archaeological sites and urban centers of the Pre-Columbian Maya civilization. It is located in the archaeological region of the Petén Basin in what is

now modern-day northern Guatemala. The site is part of Guatemala’s Tikal National Park and in 1979 was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The closest large modern settlements are Flores and Santa Elena, approximately 40 miles by road to the southwest.

Now you might be saying,”What, Tikal is in Guatemala.” I know, but it is a huge destination and lots of people who come to San Ignacio want to see Tikal and is just 1 ½ hours away from the border and the border is about 15 minutes from Rolsons Hotel

Actun Tunichil Muknal (A.T.M Cave)

Actun Tunichil Muknal is a cave in Belize, near San Ignacio Cayo, notable as a Maya archaeological site that includes skeletons, ceramics, and stoneware. The most famou

Hotel - ATM cave Tour in Cayo

s of the human remains is known as “The Crystal Maiden”, the skeleton of a teenage girl, probably a sacrifice victim,

whose bones which have been completely covered by the natural processes of the cave, leaving them with a sparkling appearance. There are several such skeletons in the main chamber.

The ceramics at the site are significant partially because they are marked with “kill holes”, which indicates they were used for ceremonial purposes.

Entry to the cave is made by wading or swimming across a large pool before scrambling up and into the cave. The caverns where the relics are found

are dry even when the area is hit by a hurricane.

This is pretty much the only thing you need a tour for. Because of the rare nature of the cave, it’s been protected from further damage by limiting the number of people allowed to enter. It’s well worth the price though. It’s probably one of the neatest things to see.

Cave Tubing

Caves Branch river /Jaguar Paw Highway 1 hour drive from San Ignacio Town, 2 hour leisurely floating on inner tubes through limestone caves.Cave Tubing and drop off in Belize City

Mountain Pine RidgeRolsons Hotel - Day Tour to 100 Foot fall, san Ignaico, Cayo

Enjoy a day of swimming at two different waterfalls in the Mountain Pine Ridge Resort and visit a Limestone Cave. Many granite riverbeds show the oldest rock of Central America rocks and the origin of all the streams that feed the Belize river. 1 hour drive to big rock falls plus an additional half hour to Rio Frio Cave all on old logging roads. Enjoy a picnic lunch overlooking the Rio on Pools and Valleys of Pines and Oaks. DEPARTURE: 9:00 am Return 4:00 pm

Barton Creek Cave

En-route we will pass through a scenic Mennonite village and orchards. The enchanting canoe trip that takes you one mile deep into cavernous Barton Creek Cave once the Maya Ancestors for ceremonial worship and burial site. Seen there are Secret Offering Pots and actual skeletal remains from thousand years ago. Massive stalactite and stalagmite formations are your cathedral like ceiling as you drift by in the cool shadow. Depart: 9:00 am or 1:00 pm

Barton Creek combined with Big Rocks Fall Also available


On all tour, it is advice to bring only the most environmental friendly insect repellant and sun screen lotion, sufficient water, and swim suit.